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Lucy Rose
Lucy Rose at the El Rey / photo by David Greenwald

2012: the year my fingers fall off, probably. Not a complaint. (Almost a complaint.) Highlights: covering the Grammys for Billboard, making my Village Voice debut, writing about a lot of great British TV for Billboard, writing a lot of album reviews and spending a week offering what’s hopefully the most exhaustive writing yet on my favorite band, the Softies. I had the pleasure of writing my first press bio, for Ravens & Chimes’ excellent (and long-delayed) Holiday Life. And I taught myself enough HTML and CSS to rebuild Rawkblog from the ground up, so I guess I can add “web designer” to my resume. Greatest hits:

* Zooey Deschanel Files For Divorce From Ben Gibbard (Billboard)
* Beyond Downton: Five UK Shows to Watch Now (GQ)
* Review: Seeker Lover Keeper – s/t (A.V. Club)
* The Buzz On: Michael Kiwanuka (MTV)
* New Video: Arctic Monkeys featuring Richard Hawley, ‘You and I’ (MTV)
* Review: First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar (eMusic)
* Review: Nada Surf – The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy (A.V. Club)
* L.A. Unheard: Moostache’s Steely Rock (Los Angeles Times)
* Review: Hospitality – Hospitality (A.V. Club)

One Week One Band: The Softies (a week of covering my favorite band @ One Week One Band)
L.A. Unheard: Electric Guest Make Themselves a Funky Home (Los Angeles Times)
Review: Of Montreal – Paralytic Stalks (A.V. Club)
* Chairlift And Das Racist Cover Beyonce’s ‘Party,’ It’s As Awesome As You Expect (MTV)
* Guess The Tweet: @LanaDelRey Or @Horse_Ebooks? (Village Voice)
* Grammys 2012: Adele Makes a Clean Sweep on Somber Night (Billboard)
* Grammys 2012: 19 Things You Didn’t See on TV (Billboard)
* The Buzz on: FIDLAR (MTV)
* Review: Shearwater – Animal Joy (A.V. Club)
* Review: Tennis – Young & Old (A.V. Club)
* Review: Field Music – Plumb (eMusic)
* Noise Pop: Flaming Lips, Bob Mould Salute Festival’s 20th Anniversary (Billboard)
* Review: Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror (A.V. Club)

On Rawkblog:
* 2012: 8 Bands to Watch
* A Brief 2012 State of Rawkblog

On Rawktumblr:
* I tried (and failed) to launch a viral blog about talking to cats
* On criticism and when appearance matters
* Wonderful parody blog Thinking Catalog tweets at me
* Brief Thoughts on Uniqueness

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