// Recent Drama: April 2012

LA Font

April news: my nearly two-year-old Los Angeles Times/Brand X local music column, L.A. Unheard, came to a close. I’m grateful to the Times for picking it up after Brand X folded, though it’ll be a relief to stop skimming/streaming residency listings every week. On a lighter note, Rawkblog sponsored the second annual Brokechella festival, a well-organized, budget-price L.A. event with LA Font, yOya and perhaps the last Big Moves show. They’ve meant a lot to me over the last year or so, and their goodbye set was moving and fierce. Did a lot of interesting interviews in April, as well, but those stories aren’t quite ready yet.

My favorite clips of the month:

* L.A. Unheard: Haim’s family affair (L.A. Times)
* Review: Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls (A.V. Club)
* Review: Horse Feathers - Cynic’s New Year (eMusic)
* Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre Talks Making Moves & Going Indie For Motion City’s New Album, ‘Go’ (MTV Buzzworthy)
* Rush’s Clockwork Angels Hits June 12 (Billboard)
* Photos: Brokechella 2012 (Rawkblog)
* Things I’ve Learned (Rawktumblr)
* On Girls and Entitlement, Briefly (Rawktumblr)

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