// Recent Drama: May 2012

In the fulfillment of 12 years of Almost Famous adoration, I was published in Rolling Stone in May, with a number of blurbs for the magazine’s Song Stories section. Here’s one on Best Coast. I also had a birthday and went to Portland for a week, where I spent some time with a number of my indie rock heroes — including the Softies’ life-affirming reunion set at Bunk Bar. (The famed Bunk Bar sandwiches didn’t hurt.) More good things: my fiancĂ©e finished grad school. I saw Avengers twice. Solid month? Yes.

My favorite pieces from May:

* The Walkmen Still ‘Same Old Guys’ on Happier ‘Heaven’ (Billboard)
* The Buzz On: Action Bronson (MTV Buzzworthy)
* New Adventures in Hi-Fi: Best Coast and More Indie Acts Clean Up Their Sounds (eMusic)
* Review: Mount Eerie – Clear Moon (A.V. Club)
* Classics: Young and Sexy – ‘City You Live in is Ugly’ (Rawkblog)
* VICE/Grass Widow (Rawktumblr)
* On Bands Being Rushed Into Success (Rawktumblr)

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